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t5 mustang transmission

500HP Custom Built T5
CUSTOM BUILT with new 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Input, Cluster, Gears. All NEW Bearings, Seals, New Style Carbon Fiber Synchros, Small Parts Kit, Fork Pads, 7 Tooth Speedo Gear. With 64% 5th Gear OVERDRIVE. Also INCLUDES Cluster Support Plate, H/D 3-4 Keys, CRYO Treatment on the Cluster, Input & 3rd Gears and Built to 500 H/P SPECS.

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500HP T5 Transmission

T5 Gears

All new gears using a Tremec brand cluster and 3rd gear that have been cryogenticly treated for additinal strength

t5 carbon fiber aftermarket syncros

Aftermarket NEW style Syncro Rings on All Gears

cluster suppoert plate

Cluster Support Plate install on rear of main case to strenghten cluster bearings

3-4 keys

The stock stamped keys are weak and can break under hard or missed shifts

T5 Rebuild kit with gears

Most of the new parts included on this build. Any other parts that are worn or questionable are replaced with new

Pricing Options: There are 2 Price options. One includes the Gforce Case the other does not. Case failures on a T5 are very rare. 

Core Charges and Shipping: At check out $350 core charge will be added to your order and shipping costs to your location. 

Core Refunds: If you return a Core T5 you are entiled to a refund. However incoming shipping on the core must be paid by you the buyer on your own account or use Promotion's shipping account. When using Promotion's account, the shipping charges will be deducted from your $350 core charge and a check will be mailed to you for the diffrence. Use your own account and recieve the full $350. Please Call to lock in your core refund amount before sending core if desired.  Be assured Promotion will do our best to maximize your core refund.

Use our Secure check out to buy now. You can also call in to place your order over the phone.

500HP T5 Transmission