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You will have to provide a buildable world class GM T5 Core. Worldcalss Mainshafts and Cases are hard to come by. Gforce upgraded mainshaft and cases are avilble at additional costs. Please Message or call us for a detailed estimate on any GM T5 Builds.


GM V6 14spl T5 81-92 CAMARO/F-BIRD ....$1,075.00_____260HP When Available

GM V8 26spl T5 81-92 CAMARO/F-BIRD 295R

GM V8 26spl T5 81-92 CAMARO/F-BIRD 295HD ....$1,769.00___440HP PMP Part#:GM T5

GM V8 26spl T5 81-92 CAMARO/F-BIRD 295HD+KEYS+CRYO....$2,129.00___490HP

*PRO/GF Synchronized T5 600HP+....Starting@$2,690.00 600HP
Includes: G-Force Gear Kit, HD Main Case, Cluster Plate, Solid 3-4 Keys