Manual Transmission repair Shop Located in Oakland Park Florida. Specializing in The Repair and sales of manual transmissions, parts, and performance conversion packages.promotion performance powertrain has been in business of over 22 years.

ProMotion Performance

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T56 Ford/GM/Dodge Exploded View

T5 Xploded View

T5 WC Manual Transmission


Let PMP Repair yours $375.00 Labor + Parts/Shipping

Tremec $329.00/ PMP

Tremec $329.00/ PMP Modified $399.00 / PMP Welded+core $379.00+$160.00

All come with bearings

T56 Bearing Kit $179.00
T56 Bearing Kit $179.00
T56 Early Complete Synchro Kit $299.00

T56 Early Complete Synchro Kit $299.00

Fabs Only $239.00

27spl HD Tailshaft - NO WALK Bushing T45 & T56 Upgrade: HD 3rd Gear Metal Bearing Spacer T5, T45, T56 - 3/4 Solid Key Spring Kit - $99.00
The Above Parts List is of the Popular Items We Sell - If you don't see it please call we are sure to have it.