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T56 Ford/GM/Dodge Exploded View

T5 Xploded View

T5 WC Manual Transmission


Let PMP Repair yours $375.00 Labor + Parts/Shipping

Tremec $329.00/ PMP

Tremec $329.00/ PMP Modified $399.00 / PMP Welded+core $379.00+$160.00

All come with bearings

T56 Bearing Kit $179.00
T56 Bearing Kit $179.00
T56 Early Complete Synchro Kit $299.00

T56 Early Complete Synchro Kit $299.00

Fabs Only $239.00

27spl HD Tailshaft - NO WALK Bushing T45 & T56 Upgrade: HD 3rd Gear Metal Bearing Spacer T5, T45, T56 - 3/4 Solid Key Spring Kit - $99.00
The Above Parts List is of the Popular Items We Sell - If you don't see it please call we are sure to have it.